Across Continents, This Little Piece of Metal

Sunday, July 03, 2016

One of my favorite customers is the founder of Ancient Path, a nonprofit that uses the arts to inspire and educate kids in Malawi. She's on a missionary trip right now, and wore only one piece of jewelry to Africa: My, "Tempest Tossed Boat" cuff, which is inscribed with, "O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small."

This piece was one of my very first etchings, and it is a thrill to know it is with her as she brings the healing joy of creativity to children on another continent. She just sent this photo of a child who was drawn to the etched scene of a boat on a roiling sea, and wanted to wear it.

This is why I want to make meaningful jewelry. A story bracelet, now with a story of its own.

If you're interested in how the artwork is created for my etchings, here's a neat little timelapse video of me "drawing" on metal.

Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling...

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Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling Silver.