Published (in Silver)

Monday, September 25, 2017

One of the great creative loves of my life is writing poetry. Since I was a teen I have been trying to find ways to merge together my words and my visual art. I am excited that at last, jewelry seems to be the perfect medium for this.

I've started a new series of silver bracelets and brooches based on my poems. Here is a look at the work in progress for North for Geese, one of my poems about becoming happily lost. The repeating lines and textures represent the snow fence and sidewalk in the poem, and I will add more elements to it in the coming days. Though I've created a rough sketch for the design, I'm allowing a stream of consciousness flow to drive this piece, turning the verses in my mind as I ideate.

Read North for Geese here, and stop back later to follow the progression of this piece and others in the series.

Update! Click through the photos to see the finished piece.

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