To clean, use your fingertips or a soft cloth with water and mild soap.

Do not swim, shower or bathe when wearing bronze.
Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, jewelry cleaning cloths or jewelry cleaning chemicals as this will damage the finish.

Note: Bronze is a lovely alloy of copper and tin. I triple seal my bronze pieces with jeweler's lacquer to help preserve the finish and protect the skin from the harmless discoloration that copper sometimes causes when it comes into contact with sweat and body oil. If you typically experience skin discoloration from copper or bronze jewelry, I recommend you consider one of my silver pieces. I cannot guarantee that your skin will not react to the copper content in my bronze.


Avoid contact with lotions and perfumes.
Store in an airtight environment if possible (such as a small polypropeline zip top bag) or anti-tarnish pouch.

For bright finishes:
To clean, use your fingertips or a soft cloth with water and mild soap.
If necessary, lightly wipe with a jewelry cleaning cloth to remove tarnish.

For pieces with oxidized (black) finished/designs:
I seal my oxidized silver pieces with Renaissance Wax to preserve the finish and design. If desired, you can re-seal the piece yourself periodically with Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnish. Over time, if you would like the piece to be re-oxidized, you are welcome to contact me. Renaissance Wax can be purchased on here.


My jewelry can be purchased through my Etsy shop. When purchasing through Etsy, I accept Credit Cards, PayPal and Etsy Gift Cards. 

I ship only within the continental United States. My shipments for ready-to-wear items go out within 2 business days of receiving an order. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and I ship using U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail which takes 3-5 days. Occasionally I ship via UPS Ground for items that are being delivered within Ohio and Pennsylvania because they arrive faster.

Custom Orders
I do accept custom orders, so contact me if this is of interest to you! Unless otherwise agreed, please allow 12-14 days for a custom order not including shipping. 

If, for any reason, you wish to return a non-customized item, just ship it back. I'll refund your money as soon as I receive the item. I'm sorry, I cannot accept returns on custom or personalized orders.