Sterling Story Cuff, Personalized Bracelet Buy

Sterling Story Cuff

Personalized Bracelet


Chunky Story Cuff, Wide Silver Bracelet Buy

Chunky Story Cuff

Wide Silver Bracelet


Sterling Story Stack, Personalized Stacking Bracelets Buy

Sterling Story Stack

Personalized Stacking Bracelets


Story Bangle, Sterling Silver Clasped Bangle Buy

Story Bangle

Sterling Silver Clasped Bangle


A Soldier's Story, Military KIA Memorial Cuff Buy

A Soldier's Story

Military KIA Memorial Cuff


Mother's Stacking Rings, Personalized, Dainty RIngs Buy

Mother's Stacking Rings

Personalized, Dainty RIngs


Solitude, Silver Geometric Earrings Buy


Silver Geometric Earrings


Grace, Silver Geometric Earrings Buy


Silver Geometric Earrings


Quietude, Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings Buy


Sterling Silver Geometric Earrings


Love Note Tie Bar, Sterling Silver Custom Tie Bar Buy

Love Note Tie Bar

Sterling Silver Custom Tie Bar


Message Medallion, Personalized Pocket Piece Buy

Message Medallion

Personalized Pocket Piece


The Beekeeper's Dream, Elegy Brooch Buy

The Beekeeper's Dream

Elegy Brooch


Inheritance, Portrait Necklace Buy


Portrait Necklace


Fluke's Road, Hand Drawn Necklace Buy

Fluke's Road

Hand Drawn Necklace


A Widow in Her Weeds, Silver & Bronze Cuff Bracelet Buy

A Widow in Her Weeds

Silver & Bronze Cuff Bracelet


Handle a Book as a Bee Does a Flower, Bronze Story Cuff Set Buy

Handle a Book as a Bee Does a Flower

Bronze Story Cuff Set


Metamorphosis, Bronze Butterfly Wing Ring Buy


Bronze Butterfly Wing Ring


Words on the Wind, Personalize Silver Necklace Buy

Words on the Wind

Personalize Silver Necklace


Waiting to Fly, Sterling Silver Bird Necklace Buy

Waiting to Fly

Sterling Silver Bird Necklace


Little Mourning Dove, Sterling Silver Necklace Buy

Little Mourning Dove

Sterling Silver Necklace


Resilient Chickadee, Silver Necklace Buy

Resilient Chickadee

Silver Necklace


Just One Word, Unisex Inscribed Necklace Buy

Just One Word

Unisex Inscribed Necklace


When it is Dark Enough , Bronze Encouragement Cuff Buy

When it is Dark Enough

Bronze Encouragement Cuff


Emily Dickinson Poem Cuff, I Cannot Live with You Buy

Emily Dickinson Poem Cuff

I Cannot Live with You


5-Piece Story Cuff Set, Personalized Bracelets Buy

5-Piece Story Cuff Set

Personalized Bracelets


Memory Cuff, Personalized Bracelet Buy

Memory Cuff

Personalized Bracelet


Story Cuff, Custom Bronze Cuff Buy

Story Cuff

Custom Bronze Cuff


Luxe Cuff Set, Constrast Bracelet Set Buy

Luxe Cuff Set

Constrast Bracelet Set


O God, Thy Sea (Dark Patina), Etched Cuff Bracelet Buy

O God, Thy Sea (Dark Patina)

Etched Cuff Bracelet


Sold Out

These items are currently sold out, but if you see something you like, let me know!

Bird on a Branch, Sterling Silver Necklace Sold

Bird on a Branch

Sterling Silver Necklace


O, My Soul, Walt Whitman Cuff Bracelet Set Sold

O, My Soul

Walt Whitman Cuff Bracelet Set


Mesh Secret Message Locket, Silver Inscribed Necklace Sold

Mesh Secret Message Locket

Silver Inscribed Necklace


O God, Thy Sea, Bracelet with Hidden Wood Grain Sold

O God, Thy Sea

Bracelet with Hidden Wood Grain


Secret Inscription Locket, Sterling Silver Window Locket Sold

Secret Inscription Locket

Sterling Silver Window Locket


White Sustenance Cuff, Poetry Bracelet Sold

White Sustenance Cuff

Poetry Bracelet


Twig Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Silver Real Twig Sold

Twig Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver Real Twig


Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling...

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Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling Silver.