From a distance, a flash of silver text sparkles. Upon closer inspection, a story emerges — a luminous memorial to a fallen warrior.

Made of solid sterling silver, this heirloom quality cuff bracelet is a beautiful way to wear the memory of your fallen soldier. With unique, raised writing, and soft sheen, this cuff is designed in the spirit of the traditional military memorial bracelet but with an unexpected touch of dip-pen calligraphy.

Etched and forged by hand in my Ohio studio, these one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art will be cherished for generations. The unique design expresses high taste and artful individuality.

Using a combination of my my hand-drawn calligraphy and an elegant serif font, I create my Soldier's Story Cuffs one at a time. Formed from scratch, I start with silver sheet metal. I cut, file and sand the metal until it is smooth, and use an electrolytic process to etch the design into the metal. The piece is is then cleaned, filed, formed and delicately polished.

The handwritten inscription is reminiscent of centuries past, while the elegant design is decidedly contemporary.

"I am in absolute awe at the perfection and beauty... I truly love each of them! I'm wearing Brians and quite honestly don't think I will ever, ever remove it."

A Soldier's Story

Military KIA Memorial Cuff



Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling...

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Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling Silver.