** Note this piece is also available in Sterling Silver for $135.00. Please contact me if you are interested in having this piece made in silver. **

From a distance, it looks like a unique and beautiful bracelet with a delicate sparkling texture set against a smoky background. Upon closer inspection, the texture is composed of lines of a poem that appears to rain down across the cuff. And up close, it's Emily Dickinson's poem of unrequited love, "I Cannot Live with You (640)" wrapped around your wrist. The words delicately emerge from a background that graduates from deep, brooding black to a scintillant, brushed gold. The typeset text is replicated from the New Oxford Book of American Verse.

The most unusual gift for book lovers, writers, and fans of Emily Dickinson or poetry, this Book Bracelet is solid bronze, handmade in my Ohio studio. It is perfect worn on its own, or as a part of an armful of stacked bracelets. This unique art artists statement bracelet is about 1.25" wide, and the length is designed for an average woman's wrist. It can be squeezed to suit a larger or smaller wrist.

I made this bracelet from scratch, starting with bronze sheet metal. I cut, filed and sanded the metal piece until it is smooth. Then I etchmytextwithelectroetchingtoembossthedesign into the metal. The piece is then cleaned, filed, sanded, polished, patinated, formed into a cuff with a leather mallet and sealed with jeweler's lacquer – all by hand.

10-14 days + shipping.

Emily Dickinson Poem Cuff

I Cannot Live with You