A powerful reminder of love and life, this tiny shadow box bird necklace can be customized with whatever bird and words are meaningful to you. It is a talisman for those who want to remember and hold dear the people and ideas that are most important.

It is believed that the appearance of certain birds is a connection to the spirit world. Many believe that an encounter with a bird is the closest that we come on earth to communicating with those who have gone before us. Bound neither to land nor sky, they are a conduit to a world beyond our own.

I will work with you personally to design your handmade necklace. Your text – from a single word to a quote or stanza – will be handwritten and etched. Your original bird illustration will be hand drawn and etched, and all components of the piece will hand sawn, soldered and finished in my Ohio studio. The tube at the top of the piece serves as the bail through which a 24", solid sterling silver rolo chain holds the pendant, with a handmade artisan "S" hook closure. The piece can be patinated subtly to to darken and bring forward the edges of the design (as shown in the photos), or it can be left bright and buffed to a luminous, satin finish.

I create the pieces in the sample photo as a duo for two sisters. Though the price noted is for one piece, I am happy to create multiples for family members, siblings and friends.

This piece is completely custom, so please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for design and creation.

When I receive your order, I will contact you to discuss the piece and begin working with you on your design.


Customer Reviews

"These pieces are a stunning tribute to to our ongoing journey. Thank you thank you Teresa, truly a silver poet." -Virginia

Memory Box

Custom Shadow Box Necklace