"Just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended, it became a butterfly." ...This quote about transformation and hope is the inspiration behind this statement ring.

Organic, delicate, poetic, bold– This one-of-a-kind, handmade bronze statement ring is sculpted from castings of real butterfly wings that rest atop a simple brushed band, as if about to fly.

The band is adjustable for women's ring size 6.5 to 8.



Bronze is a lovely alloy of copper and tin. This piece is not sealed, so it will naturally oxidize rapidly; when bronze oxidizes, it will turn to an aged look that is a dark, reddish gold, and eventually, a dark golden brown. If you'd like to maintain the bright golden look of the piece, you can clean it by rubbing it lightly with #00 fine steel wool.

If you typically experience skin discoloration from wearing copper or bronze jewelry, do not despair! I can make this piece for you in silver. Send a message for more info.

Do not swim, shower or bathe when wearing bronze. Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, jewelry cleaning cloths or jewelry cleaning chemicals as this will damage the finish. To clean, use your fingertips or a soft cloth with water and mild soap.


Bronze Butterfly Wing Ring