Dainty meets modern in this 2-piece, personalized stacking ring set. Designed especially for moms. these stacking rings feature your child's birthdate in my hand drawn calligraphic script on one ring, and with your child's first and middle name in a a bold, modern font. Both rings are etched with raised letters, my unique signature look.

This ring set is made of solid sterling silver. It's one-of-a-kind and handmade for you.

The polished edges of the ring add a flash of silver that complements the brushed background and polished words. When worn together, the stack creates a lovely eclectic look. The subtle dark patina that highlights the inscriptions is reminiscent of centuries past, while the simple design and satin finish is decidedly modern. Stacked together or worn in separately, this is a luminous piece of statement jewelry, and a reminder of who and what is important.

I create these rings one at a time from scratch, starting with sterling silver sheet metal. I cut, file and sand the metal piece until it is smooth, and I use an electrolytic process to emboss my design into the metal. The pieces are then cleaned, filed, sanded, polished, patinated and formed with a leather mallet, all by hand.

The rings are solid sterling silver.

Mother's Stacking Rings

Personalized RIngs