Sometimes we can feel like our little boats have lost their anchors and we are lost on an endless sea. When times like this have come to me, I have found comfort in this old Irish fisherman's prayer:

"Oh God, thy sea is so great, and my ship is so small."

To me, these words represents the moment of letting go, and trusting that I'll arrive in safe harbor.

Reminiscent of early illuminated manuscripts and engraved book plates, this brushed bronze cuff bracelet is hand forged and etched. The illustration depicts a tiny tempest-tossed boat on a roiling sea, and features the fisherman's prayer hand written on the side. The etched scene is my original illustration which I etched into a piece of flat metal by submerging it in acid. The metal is then softened with heat, pounded into the cuff shape, rehardened by hammering, deeply darkened with liver of sulfur, then highlights are brightened by sanding and filing. The piece is then sealed with jeweler's lacquer to preserve the antiqued finish. The inside is lightly brushed to a lovely matte texture.

The warm color of Bronze is a unique look – more subtle than brass, more earthy than gold. It works with precious gems and fine jewelry as well as organic beads and natural fibres. With a popular bronze finish and ancient etching technique, this statement piece is eclectic and artful.

The cuff is 1.5" wide and sized for an average wrist. It is easily adjustable for a tighter or looser fit.

Watch a timelapse video that shows how I create the illustrations that are etched into my bracelets here.

O God, Thy Sea (Dark Patina)

Etched Cuff Bracelet