A little joyful, a little melancholy. A piece of silver poetry for the artistic soul, this special necklace is reminiscent of old books, secret gardens and hand written verse. I call it a "secret message locket" because only a part of the inscription can be read without opening the tiny hinged cover. For extra dreaminess, I added a nestling perched in the locket window, and distressed the inside to look like a forgotten garden wall.

Once revealed, the inscription by poet Theodore Roethke reads:

Oh love me while I am
I cried and the birds came down
and made my song their own.
– Roethke

I love this inscription, as to me, it speaks of the temporal nature of life, of love and loneliness.

I created this one-of-a-kind, sterling silver book-style locket using the ancient method of lost wax casting. It's a process that requires many steps, beginning with hand-sculpted wax and ending in a blaze of molten silver. I sanded, polished and assembled it all together with tiny hand-made, working hinges and a swivel crimp clasp.

The locket hangs from simple bail on an extra long 18.5" silver rolo chain with artisan's S-hook closure.

Secret Inscription Locket

Sterling Silver Window Locket



Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling...

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Little Mourning Dove Necklace, Sterling Silver.