Tell me your mantra. Your story. Your song. I'll write it by hand in dip pen calligraphy, and etch it into this 3-piece sterling silver stacking bracelet set so you can wear the words through all of your days– And when those days are done, someone you love will wear them for all their days, too.

Hand formed and etched in heirloom quality solid sterling silver, my Sterling Story Stack clasping bangle set is etched with three lines that, worn together, read as a wearable story. A beautiful way to wear the words, poetry, song lyrics, names, inspirational quotes, mantras or dates that are important to you.

These personalized, one-of-a-kind bangles are fastened with simple little tension clasp, so slipping them on is easy and comfortable.

The polished edges of these bracelets add a flash of silver that complements the brushed background and polished words. When worn together, the stack creates a lovely tinkling sound that feels substantial yet light on the wrist. The subtle dark patina that highlights the inscription is reminiscent of centuries past, while the simple design and minimalist clasp is decidedly modern. Stacked together or worn in separately, this is a luminous piece of statement jewelry and a beautiful reminder of who and what is important.

I create these bracelets one at a time from scratch, starting with sterling silver sheet metal. I cut, file and sand the metal piece until it is smooth, and I use an electrolytic process to emboss my design into the metal. The clasp is cut and formed into the piece, then it is cleaned, filed, sanded, polished, patinated and formed with a leather mallet, all by hand.

The bracelets are solid sterling silver and are all about 1/4" wide. I size the bangles to fit an average woman's wrist; because they close with a tension clasp, they do not need to fit over the hand, so the size will suit most. Let me know if you need an exceptionally small or large size and I'll take it into account when cutting and sizing your bracelets.

Sterling Story Stack

Personalized Stacking Bracelets