If you're away from someone you love – by miles, or oceans, or worlds –this poem captures perfectly how it feels. The inscription on this bracelet from Emily Dickinson's "I cannot live with you" reads:

So We must meet apart –
You there – I – here –
With just the Door ajar
That Oceans are – and Prayer –
And that White Sustenance –
Despair –


I depicted the oceanic divide that Dickinson describes with swirling tidal waves and angel wings that literally separate the two souls in the text. Etched by hand using a steel scribe, this aged bronze cuff bracelet is one of a kind.

The cuff is approximately 1 3/4" wide with a brushed texture inside. It's designed for an average wrist size and can easily adjust larger or smaller. The bronze is double sealed and waxed to preserve the beautiful aged patina. The inside of the cuff is polished to lovely, glowing brushed finished.

The warm color of Bronze is a unique look – more subtle than brass, more earthy than gold. It works with precious gems and fine jewelry as well as organic beads and natural fibres.

Watch this timelapse video for a behind-the scenes look at how I create the illustrations on my bracelets.

About Bronze:
Bronze is a lovely alloy of copper and tin, a time-honored and favorite medium of jewelry artists and sculptors for centuries. I triple seal my bronze pieces with jeweler's wax and lacquer to help preserve the finish and protect the skin from the harmless discoloration that copper sometimes causes when it comes into contact with sweat and body oil. If you typically experience such a discoloration from copper or bronze jewelry, I recommend you consider one of my silver pieces. I cannot guarantee that your skin will not react to the copper content in my bronze. Thank you!

White Sustenance Cuff

Poetry Bracelet