This eclectic and beautiful bronze cuff bracelet is etched with the spine of one of my great grandpa's 19th century chapbooks of literature entitled The Best of the World's Classics. An aged bronze finish on the outside with a glowing brushed bronze inside, this whimsical gold bracelet is a perfect gift for bookworms, or fans of literature, antique books and vintage 19th century artwork.

The bracelet is one of kind, and handmade from solid bronze. It is about 1" wide, and sized in length to adjust easily to most wrists.


About Wearing Bronze

Do not swim, shower or bathe when wearing bronze.
Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, jewelry cleaning cloths or jewelry cleaning chemicals as this will damage the finish.
To clean, use your fingertips or a soft cloth with water and mild soap.

Bronze is a lovely alloy of copper and tin. I triple seal my bronze pieces with jeweler's lacquer to help preserve the finish and protect the skin from the harmless discoloration that copper sometimes causes when it comes into contact with sweat and body oil. If you typically experience skin discoloration from copper or bronze jewelry, I recommend you consider one of my silver pieces. I cannot guarantee that your skin will not react to the copper content in my bronze.

World Classics of Literature

Book Bracelet