Collection Preview: In This Late Hour

Click here on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 7:00 PM EST to shop. 

My upcoming collection release, In This Late Hour is ready to launch! Here's a preview of all the pieces. Prices range from $128 to $1000+

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All pieces in this collection are one-of-a-kind. I have created a variety of necklaces in different lengths and sizes – from chunky to tiny, long to short. Though this collection is mostly necklaces, I have also created several rings and earring pairs.


Above L to R: Perched Swallow (No. 13)  |  Carpe Diem (No. 2)  |  It Stays (No. 7)

Above L to R: Rounded Skully (No. 8) | Cairn Feather (No. 16) | Temporal (No. 23)

Above L to R:
Diving Swallow (No. 14) | Black Dove (No. 6) | The Last Sparrow (No. 9)


This collection is composed of a unique and artful mix of golden jeweler's brass, black and white polymer clay, oxidized sterling silver and several stones such as gray sapphires, golden pyrite, and quartz.

This collection heavily features felled birds, feathers, winged hour glasses, and skulls that I sculpted in polymer clay – a lovey lightweight yet durable material. Each of these tiny sculptures is created by hand and no two are alike. These clay sculptures have a gorgeous satin finish on the front with a gem-like shine on the reverse.

I have also incorporated glimmering rose cut gemstones in several of the pieces, along with hand engraved original poems and latin memento mori phrases. 

Above L to R:
Passage (No. 3) | Annulet Dangle Earrings (No. 15) | The Hours (No. 17)

Above L to R: 
Halo Poem (No. 22) | Languid Crow (No. 18) | Found (No. 4)

Above L to R:
Permanence (No. 21) | Tempus Fugit Ring (No. 11) | Lilly of the Valley (No. 12)

Above L to R:
Engraved Sculpted Skully Ring (No. 20) | Ingot Vine Ring (No. 10) | Tiny Sculpted Skully Ring (No. 5) 

Above L to R:
Wee Skully (No. 25) | Reed Dangle Earrings (No. 26) | Thatch Dangle Earrings (No. 1) 

L to R Above: 
Nightfall (No. 19) |  Elegy Feather (No. 24) | Ascendant Swallow (No. 27)

L to R Above: 
Smoke Dangle Earrings (No. 28) |  Herkimer Dangle Earrings (No. 29)  | Abacus Earrings (No. 30)


I've enjoyed designing some new closure styles for all of the chains, indulging in large hook closures with engraved embellishments which are meant to be shown off and worn toward the front rather than at the back of the neck. 
While the closures are a golden brass, the necklace chains are heavily oxidized sterling silver– I love creating this contrast of gold and black. 

Pieces that will be available in the collection are shown below with descriptions. 

Because this is a large collection, I will include the corresponding numbers within the titles of the pieces so they're easier to locate quickly on my website during the sale.

All golden-toned metal in these pieces is jeweler's brass unless otherwise noted. Learn about wearing and caring for my jeweler's brass pieces. Ring shanks are all sterling silver. Chains are all sterling silver unless otherwise noted.

1. Thatch Dangle Earrings
Dangle earrings. Sterling silver ear wires, jeweler's brass dangles with black labradorite faceted beads. 2.75 inch total length. 

2. Carpe Diem
Black skull necklace set in jeweler's brass with engraved clasp tag that reads, "It is later than you think." 20 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain; S-hook clasp.

3. Passage
Frame-set winged hourglass pendant necklace; Jewele's brass setting, 20 inch oxidized sterling silver chain with spring lobster clasp.

4. Found
Black sculpted felled dove pendant necklace with engraved set in hand engraved jeweler's brass; the inscription reads, "To sing the air where the scent of your hair fades. To nest where once you whispered." Extra long 32" oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with handmade hook clasp; 36 inch total length including pendant.

5. Tiny Sculpted Skully Ring
Size 6 | Dainty white sculpted skully ring with brass bezel and sterling silver band. 

6. Black Dove
Sculpted black dove pendant necklace prong-set in jeweler's brass. 30 inch gold filled rolo chain accented with an open back prong-set rose cut gray sapphire. S-hook clasp with hand engraved tag that reads, "Not lost but gone before."

7. It Stays
Oval skully flanked with sculpted ribbons pendant necklace prong set in jeweler's brass with a 22 inch oxidized rolo chain and elongated handmade S-hook clasp.

8. Rounded Skully
Dainty skully pendant necklace set in a rounded jeweler's brass hand engraved bezel that reads, "memento mori"; 18 inch oxidized rolo chain with handmade S-hook clasp.

9. The Last Sparrow
Black felled sparrow necklace set in back-framed prongs with handmade hook clasp; prong set accent dangle in rose cut teardrop purple/red sapphire with black rutile inclusions; 20 inch chunky oxidized sterling silver rolo chain

10. Ingot Vine Ring 
Size 8 | Minimal sterling silver bar ring with hand-engraved vine pattern on the sides.

11. Tempus Fugit Ring
Size 7 | Chunky modern ring with  old-world hand-engraved script that reads "tempus fugit"; sterling silver ring band.

12. Lilly of the Valley
Dainty rose cut rose quartz pendant necklace; the reverse of the pendant features a hand engraved with a Lilly of the Valley; 20 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with lobster clasp.

13. Perched Swallow
Cluster pendant necklace in jeweler's brass featuring a hand engraved swallow flanked with script that reads, "Not lost but gone before" accented by a second pendant composed of a rose cut tear drop purple-red sapphire. 20 inch oxidized sterling silver chain with lobster clasp.

14. Diving Swallow
Sculpted diving swallow prong set in jeweler's brass on a 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with handmade round hook clasp.

15. Annulet Dangle Earrings
Minimal dangle matchstick earrings with oval top; jeweler's brass dangles with sterling silver ear wires; 3 inch total length.

16. Cairn Feather
Pendant necklace with sculpted black feather. Prong-set in jeweler's brass; 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with handmade S-hook clasp.

17. The Hours
Sculpted winged hourglass set in a deep jeweler's brass bezel that is hand engraved with vines and script that reads, "it is later than you think." Sterling silver enclosed back plate; 18 inch chunky oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with handmade S-hook clasp.

18. Languid Crow
Prong set sculpted white felled crow pendant necklace. Accented with a rose cut tear drop pyrite dangle set in a bezel that is hand engraved with a wheat pattern on the sides. Accented with an hand engraved clasp tag that reads, "Tempus Brevis." 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with handmade S-hook clasp.

19. Nightfall
Reversible waterfall pendant necklace with three slender hand engraved jeweler's brass tags. Inscription on one side reads, "to sing the air where the scent of your hair fades" with engraved strands of wheat on the reverse. 20 inch black anodized steel rolo chain with  handmade S-hook clasp.

20. Engraved Sculpted Skully Ring 
Size 7 | Skully ring with a hand engraved jeweler's brass bezel that reads, "memento mori." Sterling silver ring band. 

21. Permanence 
Rose cut grey sapphire set in a simple brass bezel; hand engraved wheat chaff on the reverse. Signed and dated brass accent tag at clasp. 20 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain  with lobster clasp

22. Halo Poem 
Pendant necklace with sculpted black feather surrounded by hand engraved original poem that reads, "To sing the air where the scent of your hair fades." 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with chunky hook clasp. Signed and dated on reverse

23. Temporal 
Cluster necklace with sculpted white skully, teardrop rose cut pyrite stone set in a hand engraved bezel. Clasp is accented with an engraved tag that reads, "tempus fugit." 20 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with S-hook clasp

24. Elegy Feather 
Sculpted feather neckalce prong set with hand engraved oval dangle at the clasp that reads "Not lost but gone before." 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with S-hook clasp

25. Wee Skully 
Dainty little prong set skully pendant on an 18 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with spring clasp

26. Reed Dangle Earrings 
Minimal matchstick dangle earrings; sterling silver ear wires; 2.5 inch total length

27. Ascendant Swallow 
Sculpted swallow neckace with handmade hook clasp; hand engraved vines on one side of the clasp closure and script that reads, "Tempus Brevis" on the reverse. 30 inch oxidized sterling silver rolo chain with hook clasp.

28. Smoke Dangle Earrings 
(sorry, not shown in 
group photo above) 
Chunky raw smokey quartz points suspended from a minimal brass loop with an oxidized gradient that mimics the tones within the crystal; oxidized sterling silver ear wires. 3 inch total length.

29. Herkimer Dangle Earrings 
(sorry, not shown in group photo above) 
12mm rutilated moss herkimer "diamonds" (natural form quartz crystals) suspended from a minimal brass bar with an oxidized gradient; herkimer beads are threaded over a fine brass wire with a bar terminus at the bottom for extra swing and sparkle; oxidized sterling silver ear wires. 3 inch total length.

30. Abacus Earrings 
(sorry, not shown in group photo above) 
Grey labradorite and volcanic lava beads suspended from a fine silver wire with a brass rod terminus with an oxidized gradient; oxidized sterling silver ear wires. 2.75 inch total length.



Click here on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 7:00 PM EST to shop.

In the meantime I invite you to join me in my studio on Instagram as I preview individual pieces of the collection.


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  • april

    Teresa, This is a beautiful collection. I love all the details with the clasps and engraved tags. You do such beautiful work. It is so inspirational for me.

  • Diana Alexander

    Such stunning work! I am driving to ATL for a wedding that day, but hopefully will be able to get online! I just wanted you to know how much I admire you and your work. Perhaps I will be able to snag one this time. diana

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