Victory Garden

Together on the clipped lawn
nestled in their cages
grown from tender seedlings
I bragged about my crop 

cheek to cheek upon their blossoms
I nurtured them for weeks

but did not see the cancer bloom 
black beneath the blush 

my well-meaning watering 
had rot them from inside

and they drank until they split
and died upon the vine.





photo by zanda photography


  • Katie

    I spend hours late in the evening exploring creative sites and blogs, but those rare instances in which I am captivated, pulled in by, and I’ll admit not a little envious of an artist I discover, are few and far between. Tonight, though, I had one of those very moments when I discovered your work. You’re a true artist, and I am very eager to see your new collection.

  • Lisha

    Your work is amazing. It inspires me to keep going, to find my own spot. I love how you combine your talents.

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