care instructions

For Enameled Pieces 

Please care for and wear your enameled jewelry gently. Enameled jewelry is glass fused to metal. It is more durable than you might think, but a drop or sudden impact with a hard surface can cause your piece to chip or become damaged.

Storage | Store the piece in a cloth, poly bag, or wrapped in tissue separately from other objects.

Wear | Do not submerge in any liquid; do not shower or bathe while wearing. Remove when washing hands. Never use chemicals or abrasives to clean enamel. Avoid exposure to lotions, perfumes, and cleaning products. 
Exposing silver to cleaning chemicals such as bleach can create dark spots in silver that must be professionally removed.

Cleaning | To clean the enamel, wipe gently with a clean, slightly damp, soft cloth; do not use paper towels. If removing silver tarnish, use a Sunshine cloth on the metal only and take care not to allow the Sunshine cloth to contact the enamel; Sunshine cloths contain fine abrasives which can scratch and cloud enamel. 

For Silver Pieces
Avoid contact with lotions and perfumes. Store in an airtight environment if possible (such as a small polypropylene zip top bag) or anti-tarnish pouch. Swimming or bathing while wearing silver jewelry can dull its finish over time. Exposure to cleaning chemicals such as bleach can create dark spots in silver that must be professionally removed.

For Pieces with Stones
Do not swim, shower or bathe when wearing a piece with a stone. Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, jewelry cleaning cloths or jewelry cleaning chemicals as this can damage the stone. Avoid exposing the stone to lotions and perfumes as this can permanently and undesirably alter the appearance of some stones. 

For Brass Pieces
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that darkens and tarnishes quickly with simple exposure to air and oils. I enjoy the look of aging brass and prefer not to seal it with lacquers, so your brass jewelry will likely darken quickly. If you prefer your brass to remain bright, I recommend gently rubbing it in a circular motion with a Sunshine brand jewelry cleaning cloth taking care to avoid stones or enamel. If your piece is etched with text, take care to use a light touch when cleaning to avoid removing the darkener that makes the inscription more visible. Aggressive or frequent cleaning can diminish the visibility of inscriptions over time. Do not bathe or swim when wearing brass jewelry. Do not submerge brass jewelry in water or chemicals. Avoid contact with lotions and perfumes. Do not use abrasives, scrub pads, or jewelry cleaning chemicals as these can yield unpredictable results. Please see the care instructions that were included in your packaging for additional information.