Teresa Kiplinger featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry Winter 2020 Issue

Teresa Kiplinger is featured in the Winter 2020 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine where she shares her creative process, the concept and inspiration behind her pieces, "Where Bluebirds Brood" and "I Never Liked Spring."

Teresa Kiplinger

Teresa Kiplinger's Tiny Catastrophes collection at Metal Museum 

Teresa Kiplinger's Tiny Catastrophes limited edition series will be be on view and available for purchase in the Sales Gallery at the Metal Museum in Memphis, TN from October 6, 2019 through the end of the year. The series of one-of-a-kind narrative pieces incorporates the artist's expressive enameled illustrations of disasters set amongst her original verse. The series of modern memento mori explores the fragility of life and our illusory belief that we can prevent, explain, and control the uncrontrollable. See more of the collection on Instagram.

Teresa Kiplinger Tiny Catastrophes

Teresa Kiplinger Creates Custom Pieces for Elisabeth Moss

Teresa Kiplinger has been commissioned to design custom bracelets for actor Elisabeth Moss and her entourage. Gay Ribisi, who has managed Moss throughout her career, asked Kiplinger to inscribe the bracelets with a quote written in Moss's handwriting. The delicate bracelets were presented to Moss and company as a gift to celebrate the actor's year of awards and accolades for her work as lead actor and producer of the acclaimed Hulu series The Handmaid's TaleBased on Kiplinger's popular Skinny Story Bangle, the custom sterling silver bracelets were hand cut, etched and finished in her studio near Cleveland, Ohio.

Teresa Kiplinger Bracelet Design for Elisabeth Moss

Teresa Kiplinger is Featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry 2018 Winter Issue

Belle Armoire Jewelry has featured studio jeweler Teresa Kiplinger in its 2018 Winter issue. In two separate articles, the artist describes her creative process and the influences and inspiration behind her expressive narrative jewelry. Her brooch The Beekeeper's Dream and her necklaces Inheritance and Fluke's Road are featured, which employ her technique of torch-fired enamel illustrations, as well as enameled steel photos, etching, and cast insect motifs.

Teresa Kiplinger Studio Jeweler Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine Winter 2018 Poetic Metal

Teresa Kiplinger's Narrative Jewelry is Included in Flux Metal Arts 5th Anniversary Exhibition

Studio jeweler Teresa Kiplinger's narrative jewelry is included in Cleveland's Flux Metal Arts 5th Anniversary Exhibition. On view are Kiplinger's, Where Bluebirds Brood, Talking Trees and North for Geese. The sterling silver and bronze bracelets and rings feature Kiplinger's original poems. Each piece exploring a story told in visual "chapters", texture, cast objects, set stones, enameled illustrations, photos, and etched words.

Teresa Kiplinger Studio Jeweler North for Geese Talking Tree Ring Where Bluebirds Brood Cuff Bracelet Narrative Jewelry

Teresa Kiplinger's Work on View in A Woman's Voice: Messages from the Jewel Box

Teresa Kiplinger's narrative jewelry is on view in Cleveland's Flux Metal Arts spring exhibition, A Woman's Voice: Messages from the Jewel Box. Included are Kiplinger's Fluke's Road and Inheritance necklaces which feature her original enameled graphite drawings and ephemera photography. The enameled pieces are prong-set in bronze and clustered on long, deeply oxidized silver chains with bronze lost wax cast honey bee closures. Kiplinger's work often features imagery and themes from her isolated rural Ohio childhood such as empty fields, power lines, insects, and eroding ephemera.

Teresa Kiplinger Studio Jeweler Cleveland Flukes Road Flux Metal Arts Exhibition
I have a small collection...

Instagram The Latest from Teresa Kiplinger on Instagram

a day ago

I have a small collection of antique poetry books from the late 1800s that I inherited from my great grandfather. Even before I could read, the engraved illustrations of gossamer angels and tempest tossed boats drew me into a grownup world of mortality and miracles. Those images inspired this miniature scene of a tiny shipwreck about to fall upon the cliffs of an unknown land. I set the enamel into a chunky pendant and etched the bezel with the Fisherman’s Prayer: “O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.” . . . “Lost at Sea”, pendant necklace. Enamel, sterling silver. Hand painted, torch fired, hand fabricated. This piece will be available in a shop update soon. Stay tuned for exact date and time. 🖤 . . Look back in my feed to see how I paint my enameled scenes using finely ground glass and water, then heat them with a torch to permanently fuse the glass to metal. . . #instajewelry #instasmithy #instasmith #silversmith #Metalsmith #goldsmith #ladysmith #RioJeweler #SNAGmember #TESmember #metalsmithing #handmadejewelry #handmade #handcraftedjewelry #contemporaryenamel #enamel #enameled #miniatures #enameljewelry #jewelryaddict #jewelrycollector #jewelryoftheday #miniature #oneofakindjewelry #contemporarycraft #artjewelry #mementomori #artisanjewelry #showmeyourjewelry

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