Touch the raised writing on the back and hold the specially selected stone of this personalized necklace to pause and feel connected with the people and words that are important to you.

Inscribe your secret message on the back of this silver heirloom pendant. I will etch your message in your or a lost loved one's handwriting – or let me write a message for you in my distinctive dip-pen calligraphy.

Choose a phrase to inscribe around the stone – words of encouragement, names or dates, a mantra, quote, or line of lyrics or poetry. Etched in a timeless font, gaze upon these important words that you may never forget them. Wear this piece every day and touch it when you want to remember someone, send a silent message, or summon strength.

I'll work with you to choose a unique, semi-precious natural stone that is perfect for you. While the size of your particular stone will determine the overall size of the pendant, in general, these pieces are approximately 1.5" round or oval and suspended from an 18" solid sterling chain (rolo style) with a handmade artisan "S" hook clasp and my hallmark tag.

A special piece, a special process

I do not keep a large inventory of stones on hand, so after you place your order, I will ask for your color and style preferences, and send images of several stones for you to choose from. If you are in a hurry and time does not allow for the selection and procurement of a stone, I do have a limited variety of stones on hand. Before you place your order, let me know if you are on a tight deadline and I will send images of the stones that I have available in my studio which will allow me to expedite your order.

The price listed on this piece allows for an average size and type of stone; if you find that you would like a more costly stone or a more extensive stone search, please let me know.


*** Not sure about the necklace length? Click here to download my free necklace length guide to choose one that's right for you. ***


Turn Around Time
3-4 Weeks + 2-3 Days Shipping Time


When you are ready to place your order, click the "BUY" button and you'll be taken to my Contact page. Please send a message and I'll get back to you right away.

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Inheritance, pendant necklace, 1” x...

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4 days ago

Inheritance, pendant necklace, 1” x 1”. Enameled steel, bronze.

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