This is a piece about courage. It is my interpretation of one of my poem North for Geese about my experience of becoming willingly lost on an evening walk; it was growing late, and I realized that my home was to the west – if I simply followed the setting sun, I would find my way. But instead, I continued walking under a canopy of trees until the stars emerged. I did not know then that this moment would become a turning point for me when I chose to step into a positive new chapter of independence and courage in my life.

The trees on the front is my original pencil illustration (not a decal or reproduction) and it is one of a kind; I drew them directly onto enameled steel and then applied heat with a torch to fuse the drawing to a thin layer of glass, making the drawing permanent. I mounted the enameled trees into a handmade prong setting, and I inscribed the back of the pendant with a line from my poem that captures the moment I found my courage:

It is late and I've lost my way
But I will not follow the sun.

The piece is handmade – from drawing the enameled sketch to sawing out the circular backplate, etching it with text, soldering on the prongs and setting the enamel. The pendant is 1” wide and suspended from an 18" sterling rolo chain with a handmade S hook closure.

. . . . . . .

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The Gloaming Trees

Necklace. Sterling silver, steel.



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I have a small collection of antique poetry books from the late 1800s that I inherited from my great grandfather. Even before I could read, the engraved illustrations of gossamer angels and tempest tossed boats drew me into a grownup world of mortality and miracles. Those images inspired this miniature scene of a tiny shipwreck about to fall upon the cliffs of an unknown land. I set the enamel into a chunky pendant and etched the bezel with the Fisherman’s Prayer: “O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.” . . . “Lost at Sea”, pendant necklace. Enamel, sterling silver. Hand painted, torch fired, hand fabricated. This piece will be available in a shop update soon. Stay tuned for exact date and time. 🖤 . . Look back in my feed to see how I paint my enameled scenes using finely ground glass and water, then heat them with a torch to permanently fuse the glass to metal. . . #instajewelry #instasmithy #instasmith #silversmith #Metalsmith #goldsmith #ladysmith #RioJeweler #SNAGmember #TESmember #metalsmithing #handmadejewelry #handmade #handcraftedjewelry #contemporaryenamel #enamel #enameled #miniatures #enameljewelry #jewelryaddict #jewelrycollector #jewelryoftheday #miniature #oneofakindjewelry #contemporarycraft #artjewelry #mementomori #artisanjewelry #showmeyourjewelry

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