I Never Liked Spring

I Never Liked Spring
Necklace, 2018.
Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, original poem.
Hand fabricated, torch fired, etched.

The inspiration for this one-of-a-kind pendant necklace was a walk in the fog. It had snowed in early Spring, and a warm snap caused a cloak of mist to settle among the trees. I walked in the heavy air, so dense it made my breath sound like that of a stranger. Moving shapes emerged and I found myself among a herd of deer; they slipped around me on invisible legs, horns soft as wings against the swirling ether. I froze, I held my breath, and they paid no mind to my presence. I wondered if we were ghosts.

I call this piece, "I Never Liked Spring." The front of the pendant features an original sgraffito photo illustration on enameled steel; I created it using a variety of techniques to add and remove black pigment to enameled steel, and then heating it with a torch until the pigment fuses with the metal. The enamel is set into a solid sterling silver bezel and minimal backplate that has been patinated and hand burnished many times to bring the sterling silver to a deep black color.

The back of the pendant is etched with my original poem:

When you left, I secretly followed
the single path of your footprints.

The last snow staggered a dance
and I stood as you spread the space between us
and I wondered for only a moment
where you were going.

I turned back in delicate step,
careful to leave your each
white goodbye

–Teresa Kiplinger

This piece was featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazineLearn more here.
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