FAQs for buyers

What is jeweler's brass? 

Many of my collections feature a warm golden metal called "jeweler's brass." Sometimes called red brass, merlin's gold, or nugold, I enjoy working with this beautiful alloy in my art jewelry because it affords the warmth of gold without the high cost.

Jeweler's brass is a skin-safe alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc. It is used often in the jewelry industry for its warmth and golden glow. Note that if you tend to experience the harmless discoloration that can occur from wearing copper jewelry, you will likely have the same discoloration when wearing jeweler's brass. If this is a concern for you, I recommend purchasing from my collections that feature sterling and fine silver pieces.

Learn about caring for your brass jewelry here.


How can I buy a piece of your work?

I typically release new collections of work available for purchase on my website about four times per year. My collections are comprised of a limited number of one-of-a-kind pieces and they often sell out quickly. I announce the exact date and time about one week in advance of the sale on Instagram and via email. Sign up for my email list or follow me on Instagram to be notified when new work is available for purchase. I also have a limited number of pieces on offer at the Metal Museum. Please send inquiries directly to the Museum. 


The piece I want to buy is sold-out. Will you make another one for me?

Once the pieces in a collection are sold, I will not make them again. However, I often return to a collection later and create new pieces around the same look and theme. So, if there's a particular collection that speaks to you and it is sold out,  there will probably be similar pieces available in the future.  Sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram to be notified when new pieces and collections are available.


Do you accept custom commissions?

At this time, I am not accepting commissions. Thank you for your understanding. 


Do you offer international shipping?
Due to tracking and customs difficulties, I am currently only shipping to the United States. Thank you for your understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience.  If you are located outside of the USA, a limited number of my pieces are sometimes available for purchase online at the Metal Museum with international shipping; please send inquiries directly to the Museum to learn what pieces are currently available.


How do you ship orders?
I ship via UPS from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It usually takes me 2 business days to pack and prepare your order. 


Will you recreate one of your old designs for me?

I do not recreate my past designs. However, my work does tend to follow similar themes and motifs which I return to over time. You will probably find a piece similar to the one in which you are interested in a future collection. Follow me on Instagram to be alerted when new pieces and collections are available.


What types of metal do you work with?

All of the silver in my jewelry is solid, not filled or plated, and is either made of .925 sterling silver, or .999 fine silver. When fine silver is used (typically in work made with the chase and repousse technique), purity is denoted in the item description.

Gold that is used in my enamels and chased pieces is 23.5k gold, either in the form of a foil that is fused within glass, or a layer of 24k liquid gold fused to the glass. Note that gold foil is not the same as gold leaf; gold foil is substantially thicker than gold leaf.

When I include gold elements in my metalwork such as gold bezels, ear wires, chains, or other design details, I typically use gold-filled and sometimes solid karat gold. Gold-filled metal is composed of a solid layer of gold (typically constituting at least 5% of the item's total weight) and mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or a base metal such as brass. I indicate the purity of the gold within my item descriptions.
I also often also use alloys such as jeweler's brass (85% copper and 15% zinc) and bronze (88% copper and 12% tin) in my work, which will also be indicated in an item description. Learn more about caring for the materials in my jewelry here.


How do I figure out my bangle size?

I offer four sizes for my bangle bracelets:

S: 2" Inner Diameter / 6.5" Length
M: 2.25" Inner Diameter / 7" Length
L: 2.5" Inner Diameter / 8" Length
XL: 2.75" Inner Diameter / 9" Length

To measure your hand:

If you cannot measure an existing bangle that you already own, measure your hand. Do so by touching your thumb and pinky together, then wrapping a cloth measuring tape around the widest point of your hand. The bracelet you order should be at least 1/4" larger than this measurement. I have found that plus-size women, those with arthritis, or those who prefer a looser fit will likely prefer a size L or XL.