'Oceans of Suds' Selected for National Juried Exhibition

Teresa Kiplinger's art jewelry brooch Oceans of Suds has been selected for inclusion in the Society of North American Goldsmith's annual juried exhibition. One of only 27 pieces chosen from jewelers throughout North America, Kiplinger's brooch serves as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the disparity between the way 1950s American women were portrayed and the reality of how many of them felt.

Belle Armoire Jewelry

Teresa Kiplinger is featured in the Winter 2020 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine where she shares her creative process, and the concepts and inspiration behind her expressive narrative pieces, Where Bluebirds Brood and I Never Liked Spring.


Tiny Catastrophes on Offer at Metal Museum 

Teresa Kiplinger's Tiny Catastrophes limited edition series will be be on view and available in the Sales Gallery at the Metal Museum in Memphis, TN. The series of 13 one-of-a-kind modern memento mori incorporates the artist's expressive enameled illustrations of catastrophic events set amongst her original etched verse and poetic interpretations of eye witness accounts of disasters throughout history. The collection explores the fragility of life and our illusory belief that we can prevent, explain, and control the uncontrollable. See more of the collection on Instagram.


Commission for Elisabeth Moss

Teresa Kiplinger has been commissioned to design custom bracelets for actor Elisabeth Moss and her entourage. Gay Ribisi, who has managed Moss throughout her career, asked Kiplinger to inscribe the bracelets with a quote written in Moss's handwriting. The delicate bracelets were presented to Moss and company as a gift to celebrate the actor's year of awards and accolades for her work as lead actor and producer of the acclaimed Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale.

Belle Armoire Jewelry 2018 Winter Issue

Belle Armoire Jewelry has featured studio jeweler Teresa Kiplinger in its 2018 Winter issue. In two separate articles, the artist describes her creative process and the influences and inspiration behind her expressive narrative jewelry. Her brooch The Beekeeper's Dream and her necklaces Inheritance and Fluke's Road are featured, which employ her technique of torch-fired enamel illustrations, as well as enameled steel photos, etching, and cast insect motifs.