Keeping House


Heart pounding, I peer at the basement pipes–
a muffled rush of water has startled the silence.

What uninvited stranger has entered from the street
and peed in my house?
Or, have I forgotten I have a family up there
busy scrubbing muddy boots in the tub
drawing a bath for a baby
blotting blood from palms and pants?

But the dog naps knowing
no one is there–
It is just the dishwashing machine
cleaning that same plate,
sending the ghosts of children and men
running through the walls.

 – Teresa Kiplinger


See how I incorporate my poetry into my jewelry work.
Photo by Nolan Issac 



  • Bonnie Klehr

    Love the art of your jewelry. We’ll done!!!!! I’m an artist who came to jewelry late & always stressed the why of art that you do so well!!!

  • Tierney Zan

    I love the sad beauty of your poem.

  • Deb Durant

    ACHE.. beauty & other things

  • Debs

    All my dwellings sweetly live on, whispering of times gone by, bookmarking the spirit of my youth and the passage of time.
    so spirit reminiscent

  • Aims

    OMG! No words to describe how this hits me – simply a GASP!

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