Keeping House


Heart pounding, I peer at the basement pipes–
a muffled rush of water has startled the silence.

What uninvited stranger has entered from the street
and peed in my house?
Or, have I forgotten I have a family up there
busy scrubbing muddy boots in the tub
drawing a bath for a baby
blotting blood from palms and pants?

But the dog naps knowing
no one is there–
It is just the dishwasher cycling,
cleaning that same plate,
sending the ghosts of children and men
running through the walls.

 – Teresa Kiplinger


Related metalwork

Photo: Nolan Issac via Unsplash 



  • Rose

    Your messages reach such a deepness in my soul. It amazes me how you capture those in your art. You’re amazing

  • Debbie

    I’m agnostic and spiritual, so I hope that all the gods of this world hold you deep in their hearts 💕. Thank you for all the inspiration you generate and your lonely heart that bleeds so beautifully in your work. 💗

  • Samantha

    Beautifully vivid Teresa💕 love your peoms and your jewelry.

  • Sherry Emmett

    You have also peered into the soul of every human being. Comforting, yet somehow sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing yourself. We should all be so brave!

  • diana alexander

    So wonderful! Your jewelry is breathtaking! Prose from your heart can’t help but be as beautiful as your inner self. Though that inner self is what is reflected through both your prose and jewelry!

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