Left Over

Left Over

I found a piece of mom's pie,
frozen since Christmas.

I observed it as a holy relic,
ashamed by the disregard
with which I had slipped it
into a ziplock bag.
I must have tipped the freezer door
closed with an elbow 
and set about my lists as if
there would always be more.

How quickly I had forgotten it,
made flat in the weight
of these days.

I ate the remains with a sterling fork
but the butterscotch tasted like peas.

– Teresa Kiplinger

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  • Melanie

    As I read your beautiful, haunting words I can feel the emotion welling up inside of me. I try to push them down and look away for a moment, hoping to avoid the stream of tears that come spilling from my eyes anyway!!
    Thank you for reminding of the important things in life.

  • Sunny

    Your words touch a place in my heart… reserved for only those that understand. You are amazing.

  • Aims

    I’d give anything to be able to have my Mom bake a pie and give me a slice.

    This brought tears – again – as I’ve read it before. Maybe it’s because it’s the last day of the worst year I’ve ever lived through. But your words touched home once again.

  • Kendria Thompson

    This is the emotions of so many right now. We are in this together. For you, I wish for brighter days!

    Beautiful words & jewelry, Teresa.

  • MOM

    I’ll bake you a new one💕💕
    Love you

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