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Sometimes I am comforted by envisioning the invisible, painting the unseeable. In a moment of grief, I created this tiny enameled scene depicting a gray sky with golden souls ascending from this world into the next. As I worked, I thought too, of those of us left behind after loss, and the words from one of my poems came to mind:

“To sing the air where
scent of your hair fades,
and bathe in light that falls
where you cannot sleep.”

These pendants are completely hand fabricated. The enameled piece features an original one-of-a-kind glass scene that I created using tiny brushes to "paint" with finely ground glass and water and fused it with a torch. I created the "souls" with a thin layer of 24k gold fused within the glass. It is a little larger than 3/4" wide, and I set it in a handmade sterling silver prong setting alongside a smaller sterling silver medallion which I etched with part of an original poem about loss. The medallion is pitted and distressed to add the look of a coin rescued from a sunken ship.

The medallions are suspended together from an 18” solid sterling silver rolo chain with an S-hook pinch clasp, and it makes a gentle and satisfying tinkling sound when worn.