End of Days
End of Days

End of Days

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I dreamed once that I was calmly observing the end of days; I felt peaceful as all the stars descended and caught fire in the night sky.

This dream was the inspiration for my handmade End of Days statement ring. The domed shape makes it look like a little snow globe of doom as an asteroid hurtles toward a hapless city below, replete with 24k gold fireball.

I create the enameled scene by "painting" with powdered glass on thin steel using tiny brushes and various scraping tools. I fire the design with a torch to fuse the glass to the metal. I add the fireball by cutting and laying a tissue-thin piece of 24k gold foil and then firing again to fuse the gold to the glass.
This piece is part of my Tiny Catastrophes series, a collection of limited edition, one-of-a-kind memento mori pieces that explore the fragility of life and our desire to prevent, explain, and control the uncontrollable.