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A memento mori skull is flanked by delicate ribbons.
  • One-of-a-kind original chase and repousse
  • Chase and repousse, etched, hand fabricated
  • Sterling silver, bronze
  • 20" solid sterling silver rolo chain

⁣⁣Inscription reads, "It is later than you think"

I sculpted this piece by hand-hammering a flat sheet of silver over nearly 20 hours to gradually “raise” the metal into a dimensional shape. This laborious technique, called “chasing and repousse,” has been used by metalsmiths for centuries.

⁣⁣The inspiration for this piece was a woman’s carved headstone from the 1800s; the pretty ribbons that flanked the skull seemed a reflection of how, for generations before our own, death was a much more integrated and perhaps less feared part of life.⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣In seeking perspective for our present day pandemic, I looked to the plagues of centuries past and how artists throughout history portrayed them. I could no longer escape the symbol of the skull as a reminder of the precious brevity of life in my work... How, in these times, despite our science and technology, we are vulnerable still and stripped down once again to our most bare humanity.⁣

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