Teeny Tiny Terror- Necklace
Teeny Tiny Terror- Necklace

Teeny Tiny Terror- Necklace

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Tiny 1/2" pendant necklace on a 20" rolo chain with a gold-filled S-hook clasp.
Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, 23.5k gold, 18k gold-filled wire.
Hand painted, torch fired, hand fabricated.

An astroid hurtles toward a sleeping city. I created this enameled scene by "painting" with powdered glass, tiny brushes and needles, then I fired it with a torch to permanently fuse the image to the metal.

This piece is part of my Tiny Catastrophes series, a collection of limited edition, one-of-a-kind memento mori pieces that explore the fragility of life and our desire to prevent, explain, and control the uncontrollable.