The Valley of the Shadow

Valley of the Shadow 
Brooch, 2020.
Sterling silver, vitreous enamel, gold.
Hand painted, torch fired, hand fabricated.

Teresa Kiplinger Jewelry Valley of the Shadow

This piece is one of a full collection of works journaling my experience of the coronavirus pandemic alone. 

Sterling silver, original poem, vitreous enamel, steel, 24k gold; hand painted, torch fired, hand fabricated. 2.75” x .75”. I painted the image using powdered glass and water and then heated it with a torch to fuse it to steel. I intended the image to look as though an old snapshot from long-ago travels – a memory – so I added scratches and areas of “overexposure” and blur.

The inscribed original poem reads:

She looks up.
I am still.
She pauses.
I want to wave.
I want to know
I am not a ghost.

Read the poem in its entirety here. 


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