We Were All Ghosts, Stacking Rings Buy

We Were All Ghosts

Stacking Rings


Called to God, Enameled Ring Buy

Called to God

Enameled Ring


Brambles in Winter, Pendant Necklace Buy

Brambles in Winter

Pendant Necklace


Abandoned, Enameled Ring Buy


Enameled Ring


Frightened Paper Cranes, Rectangular Tornado Necklace Sold

Frightened Paper Cranes

Rectangular Tornado Necklace

Where Bluebirds Brood (2019),  Catastrophes Edition Cuff Sold

Where Bluebirds Brood (2019)

Catastrophes Edition Cuff

Listening for Signs, Round Tornado Necklace Buy

Listening for Signs

Round Tornado Necklace


End of Days, Catastrophic Cocktail Ring Sold

End of Days

Catastrophic Cocktail Ring

I Never Liked Spring, Enameled necklace Sold

I Never Liked Spring

Enameled necklace

Safe Harbor, Enamel and Sapphire Necklace Sold

Safe Harbor

Enamel and Sapphire Necklace

Lost at Sea, Enameled Necklace Sold

Lost at Sea

Enameled Necklace

Road to Nowhere, Enameled Ring Sold

Road to Nowhere

Enameled Ring

Into the Unknown, Cluster necklace Sold

Into the Unknown

Cluster necklace

Brave, Cluster Necklace Sold


Cluster Necklace

Without a Map, Cluster Necklace Sold

Without a Map

Cluster Necklace

Little Dove, Mourning Talisman Sold

Little Dove

Mourning Talisman

Route 511, Enameled Earrings Sold

Route 511

Enameled Earrings

Sacred Signs, Sold

Sacred Signs

Nevermore, Enameled Pendant Sold


Enameled Pendant

Wintersun, Pendant Necklace Sold


Pendant Necklace

Catastrophic Cufflinks, Enameled Cufflinks Sold

Catastrophic Cufflinks

Enameled Cufflinks

North for Geese (Limited Edition), Moonstone Cuff Sold

North for Geese (Limited Edition)

Moonstone Cuff

The Gloaming Trees, Pendant Necklace Sold

The Gloaming Trees

Pendant Necklace

The Traveler, Cluster Necklace Sold

The Traveler

Cluster Necklace

Tsunami, Enameled Ring Sold


Enameled Ring

Bright One (Necklace), Enameled Necklace Sold

Bright One (Necklace)

Enameled Necklace

From the Ashes, Enameled Earrings Sold

From the Ashes

Enameled Earrings

The Houses Hurried Along, Enameled Ring Sold

The Houses Hurried Along

Enameled Ring

End of Days - Gold-Filled Bezel, Asteroid Ring Sold

End of Days - Gold-Filled Bezel

Asteroid Ring

A Perfectly Reasonable Approach, Pendant Necklace Sold

A Perfectly Reasonable Approach

Pendant Necklace

Dust Bowl (original), Enameled Ring Sold

Dust Bowl (original)

Enameled Ring

The Messenger, Owl Necklace Sold

The Messenger

Owl Necklace

Dust Bowl (2nd Generation), Enameled Ring Sold

Dust Bowl (2nd Generation)

Enameled Ring

Each tool mark represents a...

Instagram The Latest from Teresa Kiplinger on Instagram

2 days ago

Each tool mark represents a moment when I was here, and you were there. While I pushed a grain of glass into place, burned my fingers, stared into space, wrote, wept, you were there, and I could feel you, making your art, feeding your family, laugh-crying on a zoom call, nurturing your garden, learning to wear a mask, caring for a sick parent, turning off the news, turning on the news, searching for hope, giving in to despair, facing fear, kneeling, praying, shouting, vowing, memorizing the smell of your child's hair, seeing for the first time the slant of the sun in just this hour at just that moment.

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